waiting for the train

Rossif Sutherland

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

because i need you to understand everything,

i don’t trust myself to speak.

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and it sucks. suddenly the sun is the best thing you’ve ever seen, but remember how you used to hate it? hated waking up in the morning for school. these days i wake up in jolts from the nightmares that won’t stop. nightmares of unfinished assignments and never-ending failures, even after the real thing is done. three more, three more. heart beats in anticipation, for the love of something that might as well kill you keeps you going, makes you stronger, teaches you, that you are antifragile.

Minjung Kim - Mountain (2008)

Minjung Kim - Mountain (2008)

even if i did,

then what?

then what.

sometimes it’s so hard.

sometimes it’s so easy.

when should i decide?